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Restoring Hope and Empowering Transformation: The Refuge GirlsAcademy

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Teen Challenge FOR GIRLS 13-17


In the heart of Central Indiana, there exists a sanctuary of hope, healing, and empowerment for girls aged 13-17 who are struggling with behavioral or academic challenges. The Refuge GirlsAcademy is more than just a program; it's a lifeline, offering a 12 to 15-month residential experience where young girls can regain their footing, find their purpose, and embrace a brighter future.

**A Holistic Approach to Healing**

The Refuge Girls Academy is deeply rooted in faith, with a mission to restore the well-being of girls who may have lost their way. Through a faith-based program and personal therapy, the academy provides the tools for healing, helping these young women rebuild a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Living in a structured and reliable environment, they embark on a journey of transformation.

**Caring and Nurturing Environment**

What sets The Refuge apart is its caring and nurturing approach. It's a place where girls learn to live well and flourish, supported by a dedicated team of professionals. Through group Bible studies and the Stay Sharp™ prevention course, these young women not only learn to embrace God's love but also practice responsibility and discover their unique life purpose.

**Character Building and Beyond**

The academy goes beyond traditional education, focusing on character-building activities that allow girls to discover their strengths and talents. From equine therapy, which fosters an incredible bond between the girls and horses, to community service opportunities at local churches, these activities instill values and skills that go beyond the classroom.

**Academic Excellence**

For girls who need academic support and improvement, The Refuge provides personalized classroom and online academics. With the assistance of experienced tutors in a secure, on-campus classroom, these girls have the opportunity to improve their academic performance and earn school credits, setting them on the path to a brighter future.

**A Caring Campus**

The Refuge Girls Academy's campus and residential facilities are designed to create a welcoming and secure environment for its residents. With a multi-story building that includes living spaces, offices, prayer rooms, art rooms, and classrooms, girls have access to the tools and spaces they need to thrive. The secure dormitory facilities provide comfortable living spaces, and the large commercial-style kitchen and dining area fosters a sense of community among the residents and staff.

**A Strong Support Network**

An exceptional feature of The Refuge is the involvement of local women mentors from area churches. These mentors spend time with and support resident teen girls, providing guidance and encouragement. Their presence ensures that these young girls have a personal and spiritual support system that truly cares about their well-being.

**The Refuge Mission: Restoring Lives**

The Refuge Girls Academy is part of the Teen Challenge program, an initiative that has been transforming the lives of troubled teenage girls for over six decades. The program was established in Central Indiana in 2001, and since then, it has been dedicated to helping adolescent girls overcome life-controlling issues with academic and behavioral problems.

The academy serves young women aged 13-17, who may be struggling with a range of issues such as eating disorders, self-harm, depression, and anxiety. By using a proven approach, professional counselors, and a structured residential environment, The Refuge has successfully helped countless young women heal and restore their lives. Their ultimate goal is to help these young women find freedom from their challenges and empower them to become productive and contributing members of their communities.

In small-town Lebanon, Indiana, The Refuge Girls Academy stands as a beacon of hope, a place of transformation, and a testament to the power of faith and community support. It is here that young girls find their path to healing, recovery, and a brighter future. The academy's commitment to holistic well-being, character development, and academic excellence ensures that these young women have the tools they need to overcome a

dversity and flourish in life.


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