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Our History

Led by incredible faith, David Wilkerson made a seemingly bizarre step from his country pulpit in 1958 to the streets of New York City, where a murder trial of seven teenage boys churned society’s antipathy toward them. Even Wilkerson was bewildered by his sense of compassion, but despite doubt, he followed the Spirit’s prompting to help the boys.

Wilkerson’s outreach to gangs in New York led to the development of Teen Challenge. From our simple beginnings, Teen Challenge has grown to over 200 locations in the US and over 1000 around the world. The explosive growth of Teen Challenge continues to be a true move of God.


William David Trout

Wabash Valley Adult & Teen Challenge Founder Rev. William David Trout William Trout became closely aquatinted with Teen Challenge while he worked at Brooklyn Teen Challenge in June 1998 through September 1999 and Intermission Teen Challenge from Sept 1999 to June of 2000. God gave William a burning desire to help those trapped in bondage of drug addiction. In the summer of 2000 God would wake him up on a warm July day giving him the vision to start a Teen Challenge ministry here in Terre Haute, Indiana. William answered the call and got National approval from Teen Challenge USA in 2001 and by 2002 the first building was acquired for only $1. Restoration work on the building would begin soon after and later the first student would arrive. WVATC is incredibly thankful to God for William D. Trout and his obedience to answer the call of God by fulfilling the vision He gave him. Because of Williams relentless pursuit to bring God's vision to past, today many lives have been changed here at Wabash Valley Adult and Teen Challenge. We know that many more lives will be changed in the future. Thank you, Rev. William D. Trout, for your example obedience, faith, and integrity.

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