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This report was commissioned by ATC leadership to examine the long-term impact of programming on the lives of ATC graduates. Results indicate that 78% of the 340 sample respondents are sober and substance abuse free, after participating in the ATC program. While the entire sample indicated high levels of sobriety, those who remained at ATC as staff or interns were less likely to use the legal substances of alcohol and marijuana than graduates who were not at ATC. Further, on average ATC graduates self-report that they are engaging in spiritual practices such as praying, reading the Bible and attending church, at least on a weekly basis. However, individuals who were sober were far more engaged in spiritual practices, experienced a greater connection to God, higher levels of self-acceptance and love of others. Overall, sample respondents reported increased holistic health indicators in multiple dimensions, following their graduation from an ATC program. Finally the data indicates overwhelming satisfaction in the ATC program.



  • Since graduating Adult and Teen Challenge, 87.8% of respondents who have children reported improved quality of relationships with their children. Of the same group, 12.3% reported these relationships are the same or not improved. 



  • Since graduating Adult and Teen Challenge, 81.0% of respondents who are married or in a significant relationship reported improved quality of the relationship. Of the same group, 19.0% reported the relationship is the same or not improved.



  • Since graduating Adult and Teen Challenge, 91% of respondents who have family members reported improved quality of these relationships. Of the same group, 9.0% reported these relationships are the same or not improved. 

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